Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review: If the Shoe Fits // by Sandra D. Bricker

Book Name // If the Shoe Fits
Author // Sandra D. Bricker
Published // 2013 River North

Review //

If the Shoe Fits is a lighthearted, easy read by Sandra D. Bricker. Julianne is a bright young attorney who has just opened her own law firm with her partner and life-long best friend, Will. The two of them are happily single with no love interest in each other…well, at least Julianne doesn’t have any interest…or doesn’t think she does…well, you never know. Will, on the other hand…

The story begins with Julianne rescuing the tool box (and boot) of a handsome and heroic dog rescuer from the threat of the merciless oncoming traffic. The guy ran into that traffic to rescue the poor animal, so he must have a kind, animal-loving heart. Actually, he’s practically Prince Charming. At this point, Julianne is convinced he’s the man for her. Never mind that he never did see or speak to her. She’ll take care of that. We don’t really have much time to think about it right now, though, because we’re too busy following Julianne into court with a live goldfish. We’ll get back to that in another chapter.

I found myself thoroughly amused by all of Julianne’s humorous (and endearing) quirks and antics as she and Will figured out what everyone else already knew about them…they belonged together. Of course, they had to go through quite a lot before they figured it out, but along the way their firm makes it into a tabloid, Julianne is nominated for a prestigious award and acquires a new member of the family (named Charming, of course), and Will discovers something about himself through a couple other gals he’s known. Overall, the book is slightly unrealistic and completely entertaining. I had no problem reading through it in one day and never did want to put it down! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to read the afternoon away with a smile. 

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