Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review: Serenity to Accept // by Elizabeth Maddrey

Book // Serenity to Accept
Author // Elizabeth Maddrey
Published // 2013 Hope Springs Books

Serenity to Accept is the 3rd book in the Grant Us Grace series by Elizabeth Maddrey.

There's a new E.R. doctor in the hospital where Karin works as a nurse in the NICU wing and Karin thinks he's a hottie! The problem? He's a Christian...and he's clearly stated he won't date anyone who isn't a Christian. Karin isn't a Christian, so she figures she can rule out any possibilities of that relationship ever happening. But when her brother and his fiance practically kidnap her into visiting their church, she starts questioning her own lack of faith. She starts attending church more regularly and soon finds her new relationship with Dr. Jason Garcia to be more than just a friendly interest. As she sorts through the questions she has about God and comes to her own conclusion in her own time, Jason has some struggles of his own. Their relationship grows, but not without its own low points. Jason and Karin both have to decide who comes first in each of their lives. Will they be able to discern God's will for them?

I enjoy reading books with a distinct Christian perspective. Serenity to Accept definitely fits that description. Karin learns to accept God's Word by faith, Jason seeks to honor God in his decisions and in their relationship, and their friends are supportive Christian characters. I liked that the author made the point that just because someone becomes or is a Christian, it doesn't mean that all their problems suddenly go away. The author used situations and characters within the storyline to answer questions that many unbelievers may have about faith and life circumstances.

I will say that it did take me awhile to get into this story. Throughout the first half of the book, the characters seemed a bit more stiff and unrelatable and the dialogue seemed a little forced and dry. I wasn't drawn in from the beginning of the story. However, once the plot really seemed to kick in, I found that I was no longer forcing myself to keep reading and I did end up enjoying the book. There were a few minor editing errors, but nothing that took away from the storyline. I would recommend this book to Christians who enjoy a strong Christian viewpoint in their fiction.

**I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via BookCrash in exchange for honest feedback. I was not required to write a positive review.